So… you always wanted to be successful in your career and in life. Right?
You wanted it all and you thought you could do it all.
You studied long and hard to get those qualifications.
You started your career at the bottom and worked long hours and on weekends
to become experienced and knowledgeable.
You earned yourself all of those promotions and the recognition that goes with it.
Your work ethic is unbelievably high.
You are successful!
You are proud of yourself and so you ought to be. Congratulations!!

You also feel so exhausted and burned out.
Maybe you are noticing the signs of menopause and don’t feel you’re on your ‘A’
Now you feel trapped. Trapped into the life you have created for yourself.
Yes… you have done yourself proud and reached those goals!
But… what now?
You ask yourself ‘How do I get off this merry-go-round so I can explore other
aspects of my life?’
How do you get back to that feeling of being energised and on purpose beyond
your career and family?
How do you find that crucial balance?
I have worked with women to help them with exactly this.
If you want to achieve balance in your life so you can feel energised, calm and at
peace, it’s up to you to do something about it. Yes… YOU!
Yet… we need help. Let me tell you, it’s much easier with a coach in your corner!
Here’s what one client said…
I have found your assistance, particularly in terms of life changes, invaluable
Davina Burrow-Jones, Lawyer, Northern Beaches, NSW
So… I can help you too.
Check in for a FREE Quick Chat with me at a time that suits you and we’ll see if
there’s a fit.
What have you got to lose?