Going through menopause can be very confronting and many women don’t realise that some of the symptoms they experience are due to ‘the change’.

Seemingly crazy symptoms like anxiety, headaches, feelings of hopelessness and sadness can be menopause related, but women tend to think of only the obvious symptoms like hot flushes and cessation of menstruation. So they then often think they are going crazy or that they want to divorce their husbands! There is still not much conversation out there about it, but thankfully this is changing.

Luckily today, there are many options out there that can help women with their physical symptoms ranging from over the counter natural remedies to hard core HRT (now called MHT – menopause hormone therapy).

As all these changes occur and there is upheaval in life, not just physically but on an emotional level too, there is another dimension of life that needs to be addressed.

When women reach midlife, often what they wanted when they were younger is not what they want now. Children have grown up, careers change, relationships change and priorities change.

Up to this point, women usually put themselves last. Many not only work full-time jobs, but also take on the lion’s share of the child rearing and keeping the home running. The hormones, progesterone and oestrogen, keep us programmed to do this. It is an evolutionary thing. The human species would not have been so successful biologically if this were not the case.

When menopause hits and our biological job is done, it’s like the hormonal veil is lifted and women can see a bit more clearly! In fact, many women become angry and ask themselves ‘what the hell am I doing?’ or say ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’. Hence, the classic cliché – ‘The Mid-Life Crisis’.

Now, this is an opportune time for women to take the bull by the horns, make some positive changes and start to live the life THEY want in the next stage of their lives.

It’s about using the changes due to menopause as a springboard to getting what you want in life!

This is where Life Coaching comes in.

When people think of coaching, they think of sports people or actors. It is true that this is where coaching started. The results were and continue to be so impressive, that coaching is now also used for other areas of life.

Can you think of any professional elite athletes who don’t have a coach? No! Not one! In fact, Tiger Woods had 9 different coaches in his heyday.

Coaching (whatever type) gives people the edge, pushes them out of their comfort zone and highlights blind spots in performance.

What Life Coaching basically does is take someone from where they are now to where they want to be. Simple really! ….. however …. it is not always easy.

Making changes can be difficult. It is one thing to say you want to make changes …. but it is a very different thing to take actions around making those changes. Our unconscious limiting beliefs, conditioning and long-time habits often stifle us so that the changes are either very slow or don’t happen at all!

A Life Coach helps to make the change process quicker, easier, seamless, natural and much less traumatic. It’s about heading toward your goals, overcoming whatever is holding you back, then continuing on to your goals until you reach them.

The outcome is having the life of your dreams!

Think of it as having a personal trainer for your mindset.

So, if you think you would like to have an experience of what life coaching can do for you, I am offering a no obligation, complimentary session.

Go to www.midlifecoachignforwomen.com.au to book in the session.

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