As a woman going through menopause, you may want to blame the world for your symptoms. I know I felt like that! I did not CHOOSE this…did I!!

Well….if we stay in that mindset, we will remain the victim.

Yes…it’s the governments fault…or society’s or my mother’s…..

And….we will continue to have symptoms until we take charge ourselves.

So…. Here are some things that are necessary if we want to help ourselves.

  1. Write out a list of what symptoms we have been having lately.
  2. Keep a diary (it does not have to be an essay everyday) of the type and timing of symptoms you have been experiencing.
  3. Try some over –the-counter menopause relief. They may work, at least for a while.
  4. Go to your doctor/naturopath/herbalist for a check-up and to do blood tests to test your hormone levels so you know where you are at.
  5. Have a frank and open conversation with your husband/partner/children/flat mates/colleagues so they know what is going on for you and then ask for their support.
  6. Do some research and investigate your options. Herbs/natural remedies/HRT/Bio-identicals/nothing!
  7. Be prepared to do some trial and error testing of options. Every woman is different and each requires different approaches.
  8. If you don’t like/trust your doctor, find one you can. A referral  from a friend can be helpful in finding a doctor you can trust. I don’t mean to be sexist, but a female doctor may be what you need. I am just speaking from experience.
  9. Realise that your body will continue to change. Often the treatment you start out with that works will not be the one that is right for you down the track. Regular reassessment is necessary and you will know when to reassess when symptoms begin to reappear.

So…in short…take responsibility and you will find your answers.

I’d love to catch up and learn more about how you are coping with menopause.

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