Deb is an amazing woman who lost 20 kg while working with me.

She was suffering from menopause symptoms, she had a huge fibroid on her ovary and she was exhausted. She was overweight and her knees hurt when she walked or stood up for too long. Her work requires her to stand up all day. She was in agony!

She knew she had come to the end of her tether and there was a voice inside her that she could no longer ignore.

She needed help otherwise she was doomed to always struggle with her health and be in pain.

That is no way to live!

That’s when we started working together.

She did 3 simple things…

She got committed – committed to making the change…committed to making her future years completely different to the previous 20 years…committed to putting her needs first and committed to doing what it takes. She knew this was important for her health.

She took action and walked every day and she moved her body.

✅ The MOST important thing she did was that she became disciplined. This is the ONE secret that will get success every time! Because of the commitment she made to herself, after just one session together she was able to turn her discipline around effortlessly.

​You see, there is a difference between discipline and motivation. Did you know that?

Motivation comes and goes!

Discipline is when you do it even when you don’t feel like it! That’s the difference that makes the difference.

If you want to have a great quality life into midlife and beyond, then you need to have discipline around moving your body.

Your mindset is key to this!

If you’re struggling with discipline around exercise and moving your body and you want to shift this midlife weight, then book in for a FREE Soulful Connection Session with me.