Menopause usually gets a bad rap.

Most of the time, it is only mentioned as a negative thing…. if it is bloody well mentioned at all.

Despite the negatives of going through menopause, there are many great aspects to it. It can even be thought of as empowering! Yep….really!!!

It is a time of wisdom. We have lived on the planet for a while and have learned many lessons. We know who we are and are more accepting of ourselves. We are entering our third age……So let’s look at it as a time to embrace.

Firstly….we don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Yay!!! After all those years of spending money on contraception and the inconvenience of having to take responsibility for not getting pregnant, we are now free. On top of that, we don’t have to worry anymore about the limitations of the contraception. Even the pill is only 99% effective. Many women find this stressful.

Then….how good is it not to have a period anymore?? We never have to be caught without a tampon if a period arrives early or if we forgot that it was almost that time of the month. Also, sanitary products are expensive so we also save heaps of money. Yay again!

I remember travelling when I was younger, the last thing I wanted was to have a period so I would just continue to take the pill. It would be something else I had to remember to do even though I was out of my regular routine. Now…I can go travelling without having to give it a second thought. Double yippee!!

It is liberating not to be at the mercy of our cycles! It is great to be at this stage of life!

Let’s celebrate it!

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