The Jean Hailes For Women Survey on Women’s Health 2017 was been published recently and there are some surprising results.

Over 10,000 women aged between 18 -89 were surveyed in various health issues. The 5 top health conditions that women were most concerned about that came out of the survey were menopause, heart disease, breast cancer, bowel cancer and painful sex.

Wow….the top concern was menopause! When looking at the ages of the participants, most of the women surveyed were between 51 and 65 years old (35.7%), so I guess I should not be so surprised.

Another surprising finding was that 42% of women surveyed had been professionally diagnosed with depression or anxiety. This number seems really high to me! Many of these are women are in midlife and, for many, one of the most common symptoms of menopause is depression.

So why aren’t we talking about this more? How come it is not reported on in the mainstream media?

Women’s health is really important. We are half the population and a large percentage of us are suffering.

We need to keep this conversation alive. So let’s speak up!

The full report can be found at

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So….I’d love to catch up and learn more about how you are coping with menopause.

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