I am a member of different menopause Facebook groups and the comments I read each day suggest to me that there are so women out there suffering and they don’t feel like the people closest to them are listening or would want to listen.

There is solace in these groups. Women feel like they have somewhere to go to vent, ask questions and seek advice etc. I have read many comments where women say that they feel safe in these groups because they are talking with like-minded women who are experiencing similar issues. The anonymity also makes it easy to be upfront, honest and graphic about symptoms, issues and emotions.

I have also noticed that there is comradery in these groups. There is a no-holes barred approach. Women talk about all sorts of things that would not usually be spoken about with family, friends or colleagues. The women in these groups don’t know each other, and yet, they share something quite profound.

I have found that there is so much kindness, compassion and support in these groups. I noticed that women encourage and uplift each other and write encouraging comments. The common suffering seems to bring out the best in them. It truly is inspirational.

It is so sad that I have known women to take their own lives due to not being able to deal with severe menopause symptoms. This is tragic. These support groups can serve a very important purpose in that, hopefully, women will feel supported and included enough so that this does not happen to them.

Having said all of this….it is important that women get support in other ways too. Seeing a trusted doctor for appropriate medication where necessary and other support for example a functional doctor,  nutritionist, alternative therapist, psychologist and a coach is important.

The changes that occur during midlife and menopause are real on so many levels…physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Just ‘fixing’ the physical symptoms is not enough. Once the hormonal veil that has kept us ‘in our place’ for so long has lifted, we see clearly for possibly the first time in our lives. After this, there is no ‘unseeing’ it.

Given this, it is the most opportune time to use this as the impetus to make positive changes in life.

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