Extraordinary Life Package

AUD 12,000.00

12 months of coaching plus plus plus! 🤩 🤩

Imagine… having the extraordinary life YOU want and living it the way YOU want!
Yes… it is possible for YOU!
The quality of your life does not depend on what is happening, but on the meaning you give to the events. This is about putting YOU in the driver’s seat of your life.
This is exactly what this program is all about.
You will have access to me pretty much 24/7 for 12 months! Yes… believe it! Imagine how much your life could improve with this level of support? OMG!
This includes:
✅ 20 formal one-on-one coaching sessions which works out to be approximately once every 2 weeks. This means you have time in between sessions to process what you learned.
✅ unlimited phone calls
✅ unlimited emails
✅ unlimited SMS
✅ access to a 3 month online coaching program
All for continuous support and to keep you on track towards your goals throughout the 12 months!
We create a personalised plan to lead you closer to your goals and to deal with the limited thinking and basic stressors that have been holding you back. NEVER be held back again!
Take back your life… and be that free and happy person that you were born to be! Feel lighter! Feel energised!


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