Breakthrough Your Baggage!

Okay lovely lady…



Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or held back by old negative emotions, old negative influences and limiting beliefs?

Do you crave more clarity, confidence, and joy in your life?

Then, you’re in the right place, at the right time.

Do you ever…

  • 🙁 Feel like an emotional wreck?
  • 🙁 Feel exhausted and want to give up?
  • 🙁 Feel like you’ve lost your passion for life?
  • 🙁 Want more for yourself… but don’t know how to get it?

If so, you’re not alone.

Some of the issues that can arise from not being able to regulate your emotions are:

🙁 Difficulty in decision-making: When emotions are not in control, it can be challenging to make rational and logical decisions.

🙁 Relationship problems: Uncontrolled emotions can cause conflicts in relationships, and it may be difficult to communicate effectively.

🙁 Health problems: Chronic stress caused by uncontrolled emotions can lead to a range of health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and mental health disorders.

🙁 Impulsive behaviour: Emotions can cause impulsive behaviour, which can have negative consequences, such as accidents or regrettable actions.

🙁 Decreased productivity: Uncontrolled emotions can affect your ability to focus and complete tasks, leading to decreased productivity.

🙁 Difficulty in coping with stress: When emotions are uncontrolled, stress can be overwhelming and challenging to manage.


Many midlife women experience these challenges, but it’s time to take control of your emotions and your life!

Are you ready to:

✅ Clear out old emotions, old negative influences and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

✅ Gain clarity, confidence, and joy in your life

✅ Learn proven tools and techniques for emotional healing and mindset shifts

✅ Receive intuitive guidance and personalized support

✅ Cultivate a sense of purpose and direction that aligns with your true self

✅ Feel lighter, brighter, and empowered to reach your highest potential

✅ Improve all areas of your life including relationships, health, finances and career.

Our 3-month coaching program is designed to help put YOU back in the driver’s seat of your life!


Here are the benefits of the program and regulating your emotions:


  • ✅ Better decision-making: When emotions are under control, it becomes easier to make rational and logical decisions.
  • ✅ Improved communication: Controlled emotions can lead to effective communication, allowing individuals to express themselves clearly and without bias.
  • ✅ Improved relationships: Regulated emotions can help individuals manage conflicts in relationships, leading to more positive and healthy interactions.
  • ✅ Better health: Controlling emotions can reduce stress levels and prevent the development of stress-related health problems.
  • ✅ Increased productivity: Regulated emotions can help individuals stay focused and complete tasks efficiently, leading to increased productivity.
  • ✅ Improved coping with stress: By regulating emotions, individuals can develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress and prevent it from becoming overwhelming.
  • ✅ Positive self-image: Having control over emotions can lead to a positive self-image, increased self-esteem, and confidence.
  • ✅ Better quality of life: Overall, controlling emotions can improve the quality of life by reducing stress and improving relationships, productivity, and health.
Here is what a few people had to say…

‘I’ve tried so many things to overcome my anxiety and depression, but nothing seemed to work until I joined this program. The tools and techniques I learned here not only helped me to release my old patterns, but also gave me a sense of purpose and direction that I was missing before. Thank you for changing my life!’ – Sarah Richards, Qld, Australia

‘I was sceptical at first, but after the first session, I felt a shift in my energy and my attitude. The facilitator is a gifted guide who knows exactly how to support you without judgment and with love. I learned how to trust my own intuition and let go of what no longer serves me. Now, I feel more aligned, authentic, and grateful for each day.’ – Michelle Rosen, NSW, Australia

You will be supported every step of the way!

This is exactly what this program is all about.
This includes:

✅ 6 one-one-one sessions working on the past negative influences and the 5 biggy past negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt) as well as any limiting decisions about yourself… You know… the ‘I’m not good enough’ and imposter syndrome. This works out to be approximately one session every 2 weeks.

✅ 1×15 minute SOS call/month if required to solve any niggling issue that may raise its ugly head.

✅ Unlimited emails.

If you’re ready to let go of the past and step into your power, book your spot now and get ready to transform your life from the inside out.

Remember, you’re not alone, and you deserve to live a life full of joy, purpose, and abundance. We’re here to support you every step of the way. See you soon!”

Join our coaching program today to feel like you’re the master of our own emotions and your life!

Let’s do this!

Here’s what others had to say…

‘I  felt like I had someone battling in my corner while doing these new and scary things. Definitely worth the commitment.  Marianne Bohdan, NSW, Australia

‘I now have clarity in what I’m doing, what I want to do and where I’m going with my life’ Thanks Gina! You’re awesome!’ – Michele Scherr, Queensland, Australia

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