In many of the sessions I do with my clients, sometimes they end up in tears!

Yes…they cry!

Before you say to yourself ‘there’s no way I want to see a coach who makes me cry’… hear me out!

Remember when last you had a good old cry? How good did it feel when you finally stopped!

It’s just releasing emotion…and that is such a GREAT thing. You don’t need to carry around the sadness or frustration…we want to RELEASE IT and crying is a sure- fire way to feel fricken good fast!

It is so important to release emotion appropriately as it comes up! What’s important here is that it is done ‘approriately’!

So, let me give you an example with anger.

You are driving along alone and someone cuts you off in traffic. You are feeling very menopausal (read very short wick) so you hit the horn…LOUD! At the next set of lights you get out and abuse the person who cut you off. She gets out of the car and then there’s a scrag fight with hair pulling and punches flying! OMG!!

Not the best scenario….agree?

So, here’s an alternative..

You are driving along alone and someone cuts you off in traffic. You are feeling very menopausal (read very short wick) so you take a moment to process what has just happened…you think for a moment about how to respond.

Then you grab hold of the steering wheel and just scream LOUD! You are releasing anger at that moment. You are owning it and releasing it. A couple of minutes later, you are feeling better.

Then you think about the person who cut you off. You don’t know their story! They may be in a hurry because of some very important reason. It’s not about YOU and once you realise this, the rest of your anger just drops away.

So here are some tips to releasing emotion.

Cry if sad.

Bash a pillow is angry – even pretend the person you are angry at has their face on the pillow.

Scream when on your own in the car (already mentioned).

Scream into a pillow.

Go for a brisk walk or run.

Punch a punching bag.

Do some jumping jacks or any movement that gets you moving vigorously.

Do a round of EFT.

Journal your experience – write what you are feeling – guts and glory!

Deep breath into where you feel it in your body.

Dance to your favourite loud music.

You can insert your own appropriate thing here…this is not an exhaustive list!

Or…any combination of the above.

So, the last thing we need is to hang onto our negative emotions. If we suppress our stuff, it will just explode like a volcano at some point when you can’t take any more.

We hear about this a lot in the news, in particular with men. Domestic abuse, road rage and even murdering their wives and children.

There are studies that show that holding onto negative emotions can also contribute to auto immune diseases and cancers.

It is sad and so unnecessary and that’s why it is important to know how to appropriately release emotions.

If you want to feel good and live a great life of purpose, you need to release negative emotions….simple!

I can help you!