It is an unavoidable fact that women will go through menopause. It is just the degree of severity of symptoms that may differ. It completely sucks!

For some of us, it hits like a freight train and for others, it may just be a few mild symptoms. My mother said that she hardly noticed it. One day she realised that she had not had a period for a few months and that was it for her. How come for me, coming from the gene pool, did it hit so bad? It does not seem fair!

Perimenopausal symptoms usually start when a woman is in her 40s but it may start earlier. It can last up to 6 years usually and is the transition into menopause. Some common symptoms of perimenopause are irregular menstrual periods, hot flushes and insomnia. Weight gain and hair thinning can also occur.

After a year of not menstruating, it is then considered that a woman has gone through menopause. Symptoms may continue. For some, they will continue for many years.

As the Baby Boomer and Gen X generation women move through this stage of life, most women need to keep working and running their busy lives. Some women may also be looking after grandchildren. There is still much stress on these women. No longer can we look forward to retirement at age 60. The pension does not cut it and many women don’t have enough superannuation (that is a topic for another time). Many women need to keep working.

So ….. we need to keep on keeping on…… Despite the extra burden of menopause.

With all this in mind, it is so important that we ask for help when we need it.

There is a lot of information out there online. There are social media groups to join and other resources to help negotiate this crazy time in our lives.

All we need to do is reach out! Book into my calendar HERE for a quick chat about how I can help you.