I Hate My husband!
One of my clients blurted this out to me the other day.
She is not the only one who has said this to me.
I get it quite a bit.
I was not even shocked!
And…I totally get it!
Think about it…..
Between puberty and menopause, we are programmed to reproduce.
Like all other living things on planet earth, for our species to be successful biologically, we have to reproduce.
And…… hasn’t the human species been successful?
We now dominate and control our habitat like no other creature on earth. There are over 7 billion of us and have dominion over other species and our environment…..which is not always a good thing. That’s a topic for another blog!
Suffice to say…. think pollution, species extinction and global warming. (Okay…you can see I used to be a biology teacher.)
And you know what? Our hormones are responsible for this.
Good old progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone!
And then…… once menopause hits…these hormones are no more! Or at least sufficiently diminished.
That’s right, we are no longer programmed. The hormonal veil has lifted. We look at our lives and begin to question our hormone-fueled choices. Our husbands, kids, career. Do we still want all of this? Often the answer is a resounding NO!
Often women become overwhelmed, confused and frustrated and then guilty for feeling this way. I see this a lot.
What can we do?
Okay…..I’ll let you in on a little secret that has helped my clients flip this script.
Use these inevitable changes as a spring board for positive change in life.
Yep…that’s it! Simple…right? Yes….but not necessarily easy.
Making changes to your life, partner, job, career, business, place of residence etc can be challenging to do on your own.
Growth can mean that you have to do things differently and step out of the comfort zone, which means it is uncomfortable. And because of this, the changes may not happen and you continue to live a life that does not satisfy you anymore.
That’s why coaching is so important when making life changes. There is someone there to hold your hand and make it a whole lot easier than going it alone.
So, if you feel like you hate your husband, it does not necessarily mean that you need to leave him, but what it does mean that things have to change to improve your relationship.
If you would like to have a no obligation quick chat about this, book yourself in to my online calendar.

I am here to help!