Have you noticed that as you get older that you just won’t put up with or believe bullshit anymore?

I have certainly noticed it … for sure!

I believe it particularly happens for women once they go through menopause. Once the hormones that are designed to keep us compliant decrease in our bodies, our bullshit detector meters are much more sensitive and in tune.

When I hear politicians speak, it does not matter which end of the political spectrum they are on, my bullshit meter is screaming and I feel like reaching through the TV and shaking them.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Also, when I see ads on TV or billboards when I am driving for crap food like McDonalds or KFC which are full of poisons, my bullshit meter screams again and I can’t help but feel that people who buy crap like that are just frickin dumb! Honestly…. you can’t even call if food.

Or when pharmaceutical companies do their best to discredit the alternative therapies industry…. yep …. my bullshit detector meter is again in full swing.

I could go on and on but I am pretty sure that you get the picture.

Never try to pull the wool over a mature woman… she is likely to just look at you and say ‘bullshit’!

If you would like some help in redesigning your life as a mature woman, because … you know …..our priorities change as our internal bullshit detector meters are much more finely tuned …..

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