A woman contacted me via Facebook messenger the other day and asked me a question.

I must admit, I have not had anyone ask me such a personal and intimate question before!

Obviously, she felt confident asking me as she knows what I do with helping women going through midlife and menopause. Also, we don’t know each other and often it is easier to ask someone a very personal question when you don’t know them. It is like asking ‘Agony Aunt’ or ‘Dr Google’! It is a bit more anonymous!

So…. She asked me some advice about her sex life. She said she was in a new relationship and that she was having trouble reaching orgasm. She had never had that problem before and suspected that going through all the hormonal changes due to midlife and menopause was to blame. I suspect she was right. So many things change! Many women have a decrease in libido at this stage and this can certainly affect reaching orgasm.

So what was my advice to this woman? Well firstly, I explained that I thought she was right in that menopause was quite possibly the culprit and then I advised her to take her time during sex and to use extra lubricant etc. All the standard stuff.

Then, I thought I would put it out there and be a bit cheeky!

I asked her if she and her partner were up for using sex toys, like a vibrator with a tickler. That would help with achieving orgasm!

She said she was ‘up for it’ and happily went on her merry way.

I hope she contacts me again with how it all went! I would be very interested to hear!

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