I was talking to my old friend, Denise, a few weeks ago. She is not really ‘old’ old but I have known her since our university days in the 70s.

She actually called me to tell me how sorry she was that my Dad had passed away.

We got to talking about getting older (one of the consequences is that your parents also get older and pass away) …… and we got onto the subject of the challenges of menopause.

Well …. Denise had me in absolute stitches…..

She told me that her vagina had atrophied and had ‘shut shop’…so to speak! She said that it had turned into Fort Knox and that not a sausage could get in and had not for a while! It was not even so much what she said, but the way she said it. Honesty…she could be a stand-up comedian and smash it at the Comedy Store.

Now Denise’s sense of humour is one of the reasons that I love her so much and why we have been good friends for over 40 years despite living in different states. She is a laugh a minute and even when we were young girls at university, I remember just about wetting my pants on countless occasions while studying and partying together with her. It felt so good to be around her. It still does!

So, she had me laughing again, despite the fact that I was grieving for my dad.

She told me that she was having her ‘fanny renovated’ and she urged me to write this blog on it.

Denise was talking about the Mona Lisa Touch.

It is a procedure that can reverse the affects of vaginal atrophy which occurs in up to 60% of menopausal women. This is where the walls of the vagina become thinner and the elasticity and blood supply is reduced. The normal mucosa is decreased and causes loss of lubrication and pH imbalance.

The symptoms what are produced are vaginal dryness, irritation and pain during sex. This can have a knock-on effect to other areas of health, like having incontinence as well as to areas of life like relationships and self-esteem.

So…being a scientist, I am interested in how it works. So here is the sciencey stuff…..

The Mona Lisa Touch is a fractional CO2 laser technique. A laser probe is inserted in to the vagina and the laser stimulates the production of collagen which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. It does so by activating dormant fibrocyte cells and changes them into fibroblasts. Normal blood supply, hydration and mucosa production is re-established.

As it is a new procedure, the long-term effects are unknown as yet.

All that is needed is 3 X 5 minute sessions spaced at monthly intervals and then one session each year afterwards. Patients experience relief almost straight away.

Being a relatively new procedure in Australia, there is a cost of around $600 per session initially with the yearly visits costing between $300-400. Hopefully, Medicare and the health insurance companies will come to the party soon with some financial relief.

So…… I recently spoke to Denise about her results of having the Mona Lisa Touch and she is absolutely delighted. Her ‘fanny has been renovated’ and she feels like a young woman again in that department. Yep…she cracked me up again with her humour!

Many of the changes that happen after the age of 40 are physical. Many changes are emotional too. What you may have wanted when you were younger is different to what you may want for yourself now and for your future.

The hormonal veil is lifting or has already lifted and you may find that priorities in life change. Making the changes to your mindset to accommodate this is often challenging.

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