Who of you suffer more pain in your body than ever before?

I know I do!

With 2 shoulder reconstructions and a hip replacement all within the past 5 years, I know a bit about pain. Excessive inflammation caused, at least in part, by STRESS (there’s that word again) certainly contributed to it. Lack of sleep due to menopause (my most debilitating symptom) also contributed to inflammation.

Changing my lifestyle to reduce stress and manage my sleep have certainly helped. However, I still have some other aches and pains, especially in the upper back and neck. Sitting at a desk at a computer does not help! A couple of months ago, my elbow started hurting after a few hours of hurling a ball using one of those ‘chuckit’ sticks to a friend’s dog. I thought it would get better by itself….it didn’t. I am now in the middle of a course of acupuncture which is helping.

Also, many of my clients and people on Facebook support groups talk about suffering from increased generalised pain as they go into menopause and beyond. We can say it is just because we are getting older and our parts are wearing out and this is possibly true….or at least it is partly true.

Fibromyalgia is a term that keeps coming up!

It is a long-term chronic disease that is associated with widespread pain in bone and muscles, tender areas and general fatigue. It is a difficult condition to diagnose by doctors as the symptoms vary and are subjective and there does not seem to be a clear cause. With this, there is a lack of objective, reproducible scientific evidence.

However, this does not mean that the condition is not real. There are too many people with the condition to ignore it. In fact, 80-90% of the cases are women. At the moment, researchers think that infection, genetics, trauma and stress could be contributing factors. With so many more women suffering the condition, I can’t help but think that menopause may also be a contributing factor, at least in part. This is my hypothesis!

At the moment, there are a few ways to manage the symptoms but there is no cure. Natural treatments include acupuncture, yoga, meditation, exercise, getting enough sleep, massage and eating a healthy alkaline diet. Medical management comes from pain relieving drugs and some types of antidepressants.

Having a healthy mindset can also help. When we are operating from our ‘why’ in life, even pain can’t stop us. This is what I help people with!

Let’s not let the niggly pain dictate our lives.

Let’s set some audacious goals that really turn us on! That way, the pain can be put aside as we focus on what we want and how to get there!

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