Okay….so we are over 40, over 50 even! We’ve hit midlife and beyond and going through menopause or we are post-menopausal….. And ……going grey…

I’m talking about hair…in case you were wondering.

Maybe I should say…I’m going grey. I figured that if I use the collective ‘we’, it wouldn’t seem so bad. I would not be alone.

Oh …except for my red head friend who is 55 and still not a grey hair anywhere…BITCH!

So…… I am doing my best to embrace the greys these days.

I have had my hair coloured for a long time, since I was in my 20s actually. I did not like my mousy natural hair so I have spent a lot of money over the years dying it.

So….about a year ago, I said to my hairdresser to not put in a base colour anymore, just to do the blonde and brown foils and leave the rest to grow out grey. So now I have numerous colours in my hair, including the grey.

But …..what about the hair ‘down there’?


I remember reading a story about Marilyn Munroe dying her pubic hair blonde. Apparently, her flat mate sprung her in the bathroom with a bottle of peroxide! Marilyn swore her to secrecy as she wanted everyone to think she was a natural blonde.

I guess the flatmate did not keep it a secret…. because I know about it, therefore most everyone must..right? Unless the story is a myth! That’s possible too.

Is the hair ‘down there’ even properly dyable? Given that the texture is different? Also, given that ‘down there’ it is quite sensitive and hair colour contains some harsh chemicals.

Are different products needed? Does it need to be done in a different way?

So… I did me some research on Google. Good ol’ Google! How did we ever live without it?

And…..I found ‘Go Ask Alice’

I found out that Alice isn’t an actual person, but team of people who are health professionals from Columbia University. How about that?

Here’s the link if you are interested!


So do YOU dye your hair ‘down there’?

Have you at least thought about it?

Just to let you know that I don’t bother dying my hair ‘down there’ because I keep mine very short and like a landing strip. So not much upkeep with colour needed. Also, I am embracing the greys, as I said earlier.

I also got to thinking….. the millennial generation will not have to contemplate this question as generally, they shave off EVERYTHING down there!

I would love to hear your comments and whether you dye your hair ‘down there’ or not. Just comment below! Let’s have a laugh….because it IS funny!

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