What if

‘What if Covid19 is ultimately a good thing?’ I say.
‘How could that possibly be?’ you ask.
‘Just something to ponder’ I reply.
The whole world is on edge, and people are scared. And … especially if you are a midlife woman who may be going through menopause, when life can be scary enough!
Amongst the hysteria and panic there could also be an upside…Yes?
Think about it…
Is there light without dark?
Is there summer without winter?
Is there yin without yang?
Are there bulls without bears?

Dark and Light

Yin and Yang

Bull and Bear

So, let’s dig a bit deeper…
What if… by taking hygiene seriously and it becoming the new norm, we help with the decreased spread of other more disastrous disease in the future?
What if… by being isolated for a time, it helps us to be more appreciative of our friends and family when we see them in person again?
What if… by being isolated for a time that we learn to turn inwards and rest, read, meditate, and connect better with the ones who share our space?
What if …we learn to appreciate and be grateful for the simple things we normally take for granted, like toilet paper?
What if… this is a time to learn how to reconnect with yourself?
What if… by reducing travel that the air becomes cleaner and we can breathe better?
What if… the downturn on all of the share markets is just a great opportunity to invest and wait for the inevitable upswing (long term)?
What if… this is a catalyst for a major positive change in how people work?
What if… this is just a way of rebalancing the world?
What if… this is the shift the world needs at the moment?
What if… the world needs this change… and we just don’t realise it yet?
Ready or not…it has arrived!
If you are feeling scared right now…