Hi, I’m Gina Mitchell,

I am a certified life coach, accredited NLP practitioner and accredited hypnotherapist. I have been supporting my clients to reach their goals since 2011. Because of my own challenges with midlife and menopause I focus on coaching and helping women over 40.

Yes… a few years ago, I could not go back to work. I woke up one morning and got ready to go to my job as a teacher and as I was having a shower, I slid down the shower wall in tears (a bit dramatic…but true), knowing that I just could not go on anymore. I was exhausted and I was done!

It had been about 10 years of suffering by this stage and I had been doing my best to avoid facing it. In fact, I didn’t even know it was menopause…despite the fact that I was a biology teacher… I know…right?

I had no bloody idea!

And….nobody really talks about it!

I thought to myself, if I, as a scientist and a biology teacher, don’t know about this menopause stuff,  then what about all the other women out there?

Yes…I knew about the hot flushes and cessation of my cycle (the only good thing), but I didn’t know that  the insomnia, irritability, depression and anxiety were also due to the hormonal changes due to menopause.

In the years that followed, I studied and researched everything I could about midlife and menopause and ultimately healed myself.

Now I want to help other women because I am NOT okay with any other woman going through what I did. It is not necessary!

I stand for women being empowered and using this stage of life as a launchpad for creating the next chapter of their amazing lives with them as their own leading ladies.

So gorgeous women, if you want to have an incredible, fulfilling life during menopause and beyond, with all the love, freedom and enjoyment that life has to offer, as well as dealing with the menopause symptoms, jump on a FREE 45 minute call with me and we can map out a plan.

Also, I wrote a #1 best-selling book about female midlife relationships called ‘Ignite the Spark’.

More About Gina

I live in Sydney, Australia with my wonderful husband, Peter, and our 2 outrageously funny and very spoilt cats. I swear I spend more money on them than I do on myself!

I studied Science (biochemistry) at university and after working in the industry for 5 years, I became a secondary school science teacher. For the next 30 years. I taught school students the importance of science and scientific literacy so they could make informed decisions with regards to the BIG issues like climate change and feeding a hungry world. I love making a difference.

I wanted to continue to make a difference and my passion has shifted to female life change. This was due to my own confronting and challenging midlife and menopause experience which I already mentioned. I noticed a huge gap in the market for a ‘one stop shop’ way to help women navigate and THRIVE through this challenging time.

Through my own story and extensive studies I am able to empathise and help other women through my approach, which incorporates mindset, health, alternative therapies and mainstream solutions.