Hi, I’m Gina Mitchell,

I am a certified life coach, accredited NLP practitioner and accredited hypnotherapist. I have been supporting my clients to reach their goals since 2011. Because of my own challenges with midlife and menopause I focus on coaching and helping women over 40.

I have written a #1 best-selling book about female midlife relationships called ‘Ignite the Spark’.

My background is as a scientist and teacher. I’ve taught secondary science full time for over 30 years. Some of my passions include, family, pet cats, travel, advocating for animal rights and the environment.

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More About Gina

I live in Sydney, Australia with my wonderful husband, Peter, and our 2 outrageously funny and very spoilt cats. I swear I spend more money on them than I do on myself!

I studied Science (biochemistry) at university and after working in the industry for 5 years, I became a secondary school science teacher. For the next 30 years. I taught school students the importance of science and scientific literacy so they could make informed decisions with regards to the BIG issues like climate change. I love making a difference.

I wanted to continue to make a difference and my passion has shifted to female life change. This was due to my own confronting and challenging midlife and menopause experience when I noticed a huge gap in the market for a one shot shop way to help women navigate and THRIVE through this challenging time.

Through my own story and extensive studies I am able to empathise and help other women through my approach, which incorporates mindset, health, alternative therapies and mainstream solutions.

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